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Listen to the Car Music Project play "8-4-2-1" on their instruments
made from car parts.
Convertible: Dave Homan, Strutbone: James Spotto, Air Guitar: Bill Milbrodt,
Percarsion: Bill Trigg, Tank Bass: Wilbo Wright.
Emmy Award, Outstanding Original Music Composition, Bill Milbrodt (New York)

"8-4-2-1": From "No Hot Wax CD by the Car Music Project. Composed by Bill Milbordt. Copyright 2005, 2006. *Don't Let Drugs Pull You Down: Music and soundtrack by Bill Milbrodt.  Pathways (AT&T): Composed and produced by Bill Milbrodt. Flute by Denis Diblasio. Percussion by Dean Witten.  A Visit with Anne Rice: Music produced by Bill Milbrodt. Improvised by Denis Diblasio and George Rabbai.  "When Your Teeth Get Confused": Composed by Bill Milbrodt for Trompe l'oeil Productions.  "Race for Destiny" (Telcordia), "When the Movies Return" (NJ Film/TV Commission, and "Small Parts": composed and produced by Bill Milbrodt.