Bill Milbrodt had an '82 Honda Accord that received little maintenance. By the
early '90's, with 186,000 miles on its odometer, his neglect had paid off: The car
wasn't worth fixing. Milbrodt had it dismantled and rebuilt as playable musical

He eventually formed the Car Music Project. The band performed at  galleries,
schools, municipal concerts, and festivals, including Musikfest and Lincoln
The Car Music Project
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Notes & Credits
Bill Milbrodt hired metal sculptor Ray Faunce to design and fabricate the Car Music Project musical instruments from his Honda's parts. He also hired musicians to consult and guide Faunce by helping to generate ideas and solve problems related to tuning and playability. Later modifications to improve tunings and playability were made later by metal fabricators Bob Jinkins and Jerry Fleischman, by Dylan Music, and by luthier Joe Zimmerman ("Joe Z").

The founding members of the Car Music Project were Dave Homan, James Spotto, Bill Trigg, Wilbo Wright, and Bill Milbrodt. Dave Homan left and was replaced by Eric Haltmeier. All enjoy the more unusual sides of music making.
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Milbrodt With Honda Accord Before It Was Taken Apart. Photo by Olegna.
The Car Music Project at Lincoln Center. Photo by Walt Kania.
The Tank Bass, Strutbone, and Air Guitar that Ray Faunce built for Bill Milbrodt. Photos by Klein & Ulmes.
Milbrodt Shows The Slide Of The Car Music Project Strutbone.
Car Music Project Trunk Drum At Philadelphia Fringe/Live Arts Festival. Photo by J.J. Tizou.
Milbrodt's Honda Accord After It Was Taken Apart. L-R: Faunce, Milbrodt. Photo by Olegna.