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AnnieTheClown.com is affiliated with Annie the Clown and the children's music CD entitled "Nuggets in the Sky", starring Annie the Clown.

When you visit AnnieTheClown.com, we do not collect or compile any information about you at all. The only circumstance in which we get information about you is if you provide it to us voluntarily by contacting us via email, telephone, fax, or by sending us a letter or package. Also, if any proper legal authorities request permission through proper channels to examine our sites, or the documents and artwork from which they are made, we will cooperate with them fully.



The internet service provide (ISP) for AnnieTheClown.com is Fastnet. As an ISP, FastNet has its own Privacy Policy which you can read by clicking the following link:




On AnnieTheClown.com, we have links to Amazon.com, where the children's music CD entitled "Nuggets in the Sky!" is sold. You can read the Amazon.com Privacy Policy by clicking the following link:


"Nuggets in the Sky!" may become available through other internet retail outlets in the future. If it does, we will post links to the Privacy Polices of those outlets, too.


Additional "Affiliate" Program Information

In some cases, we might have an "affiliate" relationship with a retail outlet. This means the following: When a person visits our site, clicks a link to a retail outlet, and purchases an item from that outlet, we receive a commission or "finder's fee" for helping initiate the sale. In such cases, it usually doesn't matter if you buy our product or some other product from the outlet you link to from our site. If you buy something from them, we will receive our commission or finder's fee. Our experience with such "affiliate" relationships is as follows: They do not provide us with any information about you. They do provide us with statistics indicating the number of people who clicked through from our sites, the total number of clicks that were made while those people visited the outlet's site, the amounts of any sales that are made, and the amounts of the commissions or finder's fees that we are entitled to. We do not receive any information about who you are and we do not receive any credit card information.



On AnnieTheClown.com and ClownyTown.com, you can preview the children's music CD entitled "Nuggets in the Sky!" by using players from Microsoft, Real Networks, or Apple. We do not use these players to collect any information about you (We simply want you to hear parts of "Nuggets in the Sky!" and hope that you will like it and buy a CD!). Microsoft, Real Networks, and Apple each have their own Privacy Policies, and you can read them by clicking the links below:


Microsoft Windows Media



Real Networks






We hope you enjoy Annie the Clown, AnnieTheClown.com, and "Nuggets in the Sky!"


Anne Delaney-Hoelscher (Annie the Clown)

Bill Milbrodt (Producer, "Nuggets in the Sky!")

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