Welcome to the Official Car Music Project Web Site!

Friends and Fans:

I want to let you know that the Car Music Project is on hiatus. Right now I'm involved with other projects and unable to give proper attention to the band. I do expect to prepare the CMP for performance again, but do not have a date in mind.

In the meantime, enjoy the Car Music Project web site! Click around and you’ll see that it’s loaded with CMP sights and sounds. But, please note: much of it was created with Flash. Therefore, it may not play properly on an iPad or an iPhone...But it should play on everything else!

Come on in!

Finally, if you wish to discuss an event or advertising idea that involves the CMP, please email me at info@carmusicproject.com with your project idea. No promises, but I will be happy to consider it.

Best always,
Bill Milbrodt
Car Music Project